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Solar nails are a good option for women with naturally weak nails that may easily break. They are still the strongest product in the industry. Solar nails are artificial nails that are applied by mixing Solar powder with liquid, proportionately to make a hardening mixture. This mixture is then applied to your nails to enhance the look of your natural nails and make them feel durable and long lasting. If your natural nails are short from wear and tear or if you just want a longer nail for special occasions, a Solar nail treatment at our salon will be a perfect choice of you to get your nails to be lengthened and shaped artificially. The most popular Solar style is the pink and white, but you may choose other options and colors that fit your personality.



Basic Manicure $15
Gel Manicure $25
SNS (Dip Powder) $35
SNS Pink & White $45 +
SNS Ombre $50 +


Regular Pedicure 1 $25

• Nail Trimming and Shape 

• Cuticle Care, Scrub 

• Hot Towel & Stone 

• Lotion Massage 

• No callus removal

Regular Pedicure 2 $28

• Nail Trimming and Shape 

• Cuticle Care, Scrub 

• Hot Towel & Stone 

• Add callus removal 

• Lotion Massage

Deluxe Pedicure $35

You will get: 

* Sugar Scrub 

* Mud Mask 

* Warm Towel 

* Hot Stone Massage 

* Spray Pain Away 

* Massage Oil 

* Add callus removal

Regular Pedicure & Manicure $40
Luxury Organic Pedicure $45

* Ocean Salt & Sugar Scrub 

* Callus Remove 

* Moisture Mask 

* Jasmine Lotion 

* Warm Towel 

* Hot Stone Massage

Volcano Spa $50

Choose your fragrance:

Need some romance?


Fall in love with the aroma. The light flowery fragrance will calm your senses and soothe your tired body as it softens the skin.

Sweet & luxurious restoration

Honey Pearl

Add some luxury to your day with this sweet scent that restores skin's healthy radiance. Nature's energy booster, honey contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help repair and awaken the skin.

Stressed? Take a tropical escape.

Tropical Citrus

Rejuvenate your skin back to its radiant glow with a burst of citrus that exfoliates and hydrates the skin. Vitamin C provides natural radiance with antioxidants to keep skin looking younger.

Refreshing & moisturizing

Orange N.5

Experience our luxury perfume fragrance with a splash of orange for the ultimate refreshing sensation. Perfect for dull and blemished skin, Vitamin C protects skin cells and slows the rate of wrinkle-causing damage.

Kids (10 & under)

Kids (10 & under)

Manicure $12
Pedicure $20
Mani. & Pedi. Combo $30
Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements

Basic Acrylic Full Set $27
Full Set with Gel Polish $35
Basic Acrylic Refill $17
Refill with Gel Polish $27
Pink & White Full Set $45
Pink Refill $25
Pink & White Refill $35
U.V Gel Pink & White $55


Eyebrow $8
Chin $8
Lip $5
Complete Facial Wax $30
Underams $20
Half Arms $25
Full Arms $35
Bikini $28
Brazilian $45
Back $60
Chest $30
Full Legs $60
A La Carte

A La Carte

Polish Change Hands $8
Polish Change Feet $12
Gel Polish Change $20
French or American $5
Nail Cut Down $3
Nail Shaping $5
Acrylic Fix $3
Acrylic Removal $10
Gel Polish Removal $10
Nail Art $3


Eyelash Extension $30
Eyelash Single $150
Eyelash Refill $80
Microblading $600